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Three Rose Tonic
Three Rose Tonic
Aisling Rose Skincare

Three Rose Tonic

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The toner of our most ethereal dreams! Made from the Hydrosols of two different varieties of rose as well as rose geranium, it is Antioxidant, Calming, Soothing, Cooling, Hydrating as well as uplifting and reduces anxiety for your mood. The perfect way to start and end your day! Suitable for all skin types. 

Suitable for: Three Rose Tonic is suitable for all skin, including sensitive types.

Target concerns:
+ Sensitive/Sensitized Skin
+ Fine lines/Wrinkles
+ Dryness

Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types, The Three Rose Tonic restores delicate hydration and prepares skin for balm and makeup. It can also be used alone as a cleanser in the morning. 

This clear, heavenly water applies smoothly over skin, instantly providing hydration and leaving skin as soft as a rose petal. Apply the beauty elixir balm while skin is still damp from the tonic to seal in hydration. 

Scent: A heavenly, verdant rose bouquet
Texture: Water
Color: Clear

Ingredients: Rosa alba Hydrosol*, Rosa damascena Hydroso*l, Rose Geranium Hydrosol*

*Certified Organic Ingredients